So think maybe the Barracudas is the club for you? Find out more information for potential members, how it all happens, what is involved to become a member and more.

If after reading this page, you are interested simply print & complete the form below and follow the instructions for payment and mailing

2016 Club Memberships Form

 USFA Membership Form



Who are we?

We are a group of amateur fisherman. Unlike most fishermen however, we choose a spear gun instead of a rod & reel and we get into the water with the fish instead of being high and dry. Our club dates back to the 1960's. Our members are aged from their teens to their 50's & over and we have both men and women as members.

What do we do?

Spearfishing is the main activity of the club, although some of our members have other interests such as scuba diving, underwater photography and underwater hockey. The main event of our club is the Taylor Shield held monthly. Here divers compete as a club against Revesby Workers Spearfishing club for points. Of course the diver is always striving to beat his own personal best as well. Competitions basically involve trying to weigh in one of each of as many of the identified species as possible, from the official scoresheet, points are calculated on the weight and type of fish. Competitions are held at different locations up & down the coast. Divers are graded according to age and ability with prizes and trophies awarded annually. Various championships are also hosted regularly by various clubs, in which our members are also able to take part. These competitions give divers an opportunity to compete against divers from all over the state and inter-state.

Why join our club?

  • Apart from competition diving the other benefits of joining the barracudas includes  Monthly Meetings, to discuss issues that effect our club and also our sport
  • Regular contact via email, website or phone to keep you up to date with what's happening and give you a place to show off your achievements
  •  Getting to know lots of divers who are passionate about their sport, many of whom own their own boats
  • Access to experienced divers happy to share years of experience
  • Opportunity to meet others to go on social dives or trips

 A club with a future. In today's world we all have to look out for the environment and our club does its' share to protect our ocean environment. We move our competitions to different locations to avoid impacting one particular area. Some species on our scoresheet have a minimum weight above fisheries legal limits. We follow all legislations and policies from fisheries and we have assisted them in their research by declaring sightings of particular species of marine life and declaring all catches from competitions. Club members took part in the national campaign, Great Australian Shark Count in 2008.

Our state body USFA has some very active representatives working with marine park authorities providing data and relevant information to assist in assuring the correct areas are being targeted by marine parks. 

Joining our club is simply a matter of paying annual club fees and becoming a member of the USFA. The USFA fees cover your insurance, also allows you to enter the championship competitions and claim records, as well as going towards the work of the USFA in the promotion of spearfishing. Your club fees provides you with monthly competition and refreshments afterwards.  Also at the end of the competition year trophies and a presentation are provided for members.

If you would like to come along to see what we're all about we invite you to come to either a meeting or a competition. To find out when or where or to just have a chat contact one of us. Go to our club contacts page for details.

Our club believes in -

  • contributing to well organised, safe and ethical spearfishing competition
  •  positive promotion of our sport
  • protecting our oceanic environment via responsible use and reporting

Membership fees are due in January (as of 2010) and are paid to the treasurer. Costs of fees are decided upon at the Club Annual General Meeting and all members are able to vote. By becoming a financial member of South Coast Skindivers Club you are also automatically a member of the Southern Zone. For current details on membership fees and application form go to our Facebook page and leave a message.

 USFA Membership is required to become a club member. USFA fees can be paid directly to USFA (see membership form for details) and are also payable to the Barracudas treasurer and are due in January also. If a competitor dives without this it may lead to all the points for the club from that day of competition being forfeited.

Competitor categories /grades include

sub junior 12yrs -15yrs

Junior 16 & 17 yrs


Intermediate 18 - 24yrs

Seniors 25 - 44yrs

Veterans 45-54yrs

Masters 55yrs -64yrs

Grand Masters 65 yrs + 


Club Meetings - All members are encouraged to attend, held on the last Wednesday of the month. It's the best way to know what's happening and to be involved in decision making.for details about meetings contact a member or go to our facebook page. Messages on our facebook page receive a response within 24 hours..

Voting Rights All South Coast Club Members are entitled to one vote at club meetings and one vote at Southern Zone meetings, no proxy votes will be taken. The only exception is the Zone president at zone meetings who is exempt from voting and may place a deciding vote in the case of a tied vote.

Club News The best ways to keep up with club news is to catch up at meetings, check out the USFA website for competiton info and Taylor Shield results. 

A few key points.

All USFA spearfishing rules and regulations apply. Also Marine Parks, fisheries and Waterways rules and regulations must be followed during competition.

The Taylor Shield is the monthly competition for Southern Zone Clubs, these clubs are South Coast, Revesby Workers Spearfishing Club.

A diving venue calendar is voted upon at the Zone AGM held after the Taylor Shield competition, which includes locations up and down the coast. Taylor Shield competiton is generally held on the first Sunday of the month, to find out exceptions you need to check the dive calender. Some Taylor Shield dates / venues coincide with championship events. This will encourage more divers to participate at championship comps without loosing out on their Taylor Shield competition. It will also simplify a very hectic spearfishing calender.

Grades of ABC  are given to senior competitors in Taylor Shield, according to skill, by the zone sports secretary and are based on the previous years scores. New members are graded in the first 3 months of competing. The grade will stand for the full competition year.

Points are allocated via weights and species. Penalties apply for fish undersize by 30% or more. Points are calulated as a percentage, ie if you top score at a comp you will recieve 100%, each other competitor is then a percentage of your score. These percentages are accumulated over the competition year to decide the winners. Those who attend all competitions have the best chance of winning major placings.

Additional annual awards include: largest fish, most meritorious fish, most species and also the highest points scored in any one competition.

Club championships are awarded based on the scores from the Taylor Shield however there are some differences. Points from other championship competitions, excluding the Blue Water Classic, Australian National Titles and Shoal Bay, can be contributed towards a divers club points.

Protests can be lodged according to the Southern Zone constitution. Major championships outside of the Taylor Shield are available to all USFA members. The details of these are available via club news, this website or are available on the USFA Spearfishing website. 

Club Records - Record fish captured in NSW waters, can be recorded with proof of catch, ie photo with size indicated in the photo or a witnessed weight from an approved scale. A most meritorious fish trophy is awarded at club level each year. Records of state and national fish are available on USFA website.

Cancelled Competitions In the case of foul weather, a competition may be cancelled anytie up to 6pm teh evening befor the event, or on the day of competition.

Each diver drops 3 lowest competition scores over the year, this may be due to a cancelled comp, illness or the lowest scoring Taylor Shield.

Presentations The Zone presentation will be held in July and is hosted alternately by Barracudas or RWC. The south Coast Skindivers Club presentation will be held in August.

Eden 3 Way State Championships South Coast Skindivers Club hosts this major competition each year. It is a major fundraiser for our club and assistance from members helps the smooth running of this great comp. If you have connections for possible sponsors or a skill to assist in organising please become involved, otherwise there is lots to do on the day.

Remember a major part of the success of the Barra's is our ability to work together as a team. All positions and tasks are voluntary. The South Coast Skindivers Club committee consider ourselves to be custodians of the sport and of our club. We will endeavor to do our best to fulfill our clubs objectives. Please contact any of the committee members with any inquiries questions or concerns. We ask that each member contribute in assisting with weigh ins at least once a year. Click here to download this file