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2011 Registration

2011 Roll Call

2011 Pre-start

2011 Start

2011 Weigh-In

2011 Weigh-In

2011 Jack with a nice swallow tail

2011 Banded Morwong caught by John

Dusky Morwong, Eden 2011

2011 Presso Jack, Ralph, Wade & Roso

2011 Champion Jack Lavender & Barras club president Joe Hyzdal

Presentation 2011



2010 Photo's by Eddy Skerry


Roll Call 2010

Typical Eden diving

Joe & John 2010

Weigh-In 2010

Presso 2010, Aaron Puckeridge & dad Ian

Mary & Viv, 2010












Weigh - in




Eden 2014 Invitation and Information for Competitors


"A Good Day to Dive Hard", Eden 2013

Seven Days to go - All looks
good for Eden 3 Way State Titles, set down for June 9th. Weather reports are favourable, swell predictions are good, now just to wait and see if the conditions hold out.

Three days to go- Some Barracuda club members land in Eden to near perfect diving conditions, not many boats there yet but it's still a bit early. News is that the Southern Freedivers from Victoria are planning on a good show this year… we'll see. The USFA and AUF have now agreed to acknowledge each other's members in majors and this has taken away a lot of hassle and the need for dual memberships for competitors who cross over. So maybe the Vic boys will cross the border for the competition.


One Day to go- Conditions still amazing, clear, calm with barely a breeze to ruffle the hairs in Dave Davies beard. Unfortunately the word out is it will be a comp decided on weights because there are not many 'special' fish around, just the basics. Now whenever I hear this the cynic in me thinks, he's either bluffing or he's covering up the fact that he just picked all the wrong spots to scope. Or maybe there just aren't many fish around!


Registration on Saturday
afternoon at the Yacht Club on site at Quarantine Bay is made comfortable with the newly installed heaters in the hall. Greatly appreciated. The old saying that many hands make light work is definitely true at big competitions and the
helpers at registration made things run smoothly with almost all competitors, pairs and boats are entered into the system before dinner Saturday night. Now where is that cray and cold beer.


Comp Day -Well if a beautiful morning scored A Grade points, Eden would've come out tops. The bay was a mirror reflecting the low mist and rising sun as the boats started to assemble on the beach for roll call. With 77 divers
standing in wetsuits, jackets, beanies and anything else they could find to keep warm the day was commenced with a friendly warning about a white pointer sited nearby in the last few days. The boat start was as exciting as ever with
the locals and family members lining up on the break wall to watch. As expected boats headed north south and a couple stayed in the bay. A family of rock hoppers took off in cars. The conditions remained perfect all day. It was a
shame that quite a few regular competitors missed out on the best conditions in years because of bad timing, family and work commitments, but it happens.


The day culminated with a speedy weigh-in. A big 'thank you' to the helpers once again who helped this to run
smoothly. The BBQ was appreciated and some excellent catches were weighed in, and yes the Victorians did certainly come to make a point this year. As it turned out the white pointer did make an appearance as fisheries informed us,
but we still don't know if diver in the water realised it. A quick thinking boaty soon showed the shark that steel is mightier than shark, (no the shark wasn't harmed), and the catch on the rig line escaped without harm.


Presentation-Well a great crowd attended the presso at the Great Southern Hotel for drinks, meals and socialising. Eden 2013 Champion was won by Murray Peterson from Southern Freedivers with an exceptional catch totalling
1020.65 points. Our own Jack Lavender came runner up with 975.60 points. Now even with some great scores and fish the Victorians still did not manage to steel the title of State Champions for the 3 Way but they certainly put in a great effort for the number of divers. Of course the very popular lucky draw prize pool went off with much noise and
decision making, geez just pick something already, there's only 90 prizes up there! A huge thank you goes to all our fabulous sponsors including Clint from Brimbo shirts for another great job. The sponsor's banner was auctioned and
raised $80 that has already gone into the state team fund.

Congratulations to all competitors and hope to see you all there next year!


A beautiful morning

Ellis and boarfish

Top 10 Winners




A look at Eden 2012 

The lead up to the 2012 3 Way State Titles was not promising with poor conditions forecast. The number of competitors certainly reflected this with 65 signing on for the event. The conditions certainly were not great but were a true reflection of the diving for the year. Competitions all through 2012 were cancelled and postponed due to dangerous conditions so at least this event was able to be held safely, even if visiblity was poor at best.

Ian Puckeridge again shone through the challenging field of competitors and his son Aaron certainly seems to have been blessed with those genes and came in an impressive 4th place overall. Aaron is a junior and is sure to continue his growth under the tutorlage of his champion dad. 

Most meritorious fish was taken out by ian Puckeridge with a tailor scoring 149.40 points.

Congratulations to all competitors who took out a place or achieved a personal best at this event. We hope to see you again in 2013.




 Name Club Age Category %
1 Ian Puckeridge SSD Vet 100
2 Robert Torelli IND Vet 87.88
3 Murray Petersen IND Sen 85.13
4 Aaron Puckeridge SSD Jun 82.56
5Garth ByronRWCSen80.17
6Jack LavenderSCBInt68.48
7Mario ViscardiRWCMst68.26
8David SchofieldINDSen67.59
9Matthew BoultonMWSen67.56
10Warren CarterSCBSen66.30


 Above: Typcial coastline around Eden

Above : Roll call Eden 2012


Above : Boats preparing for the start

 Above: Barracuda member, Jess with a fat ludrick
Above: Ian with his most meritorious winner, a tailor    Above: Some of the winners at Eden 3 Way    State Titles 2012



A Look at Eden 2011

Eden!    Well the name itself conjures up all sorts of images and for spearo's in Australia it means just that "eden."

This competition has become the largest spearfishing event in Australia with over 100 divers competing and this year, 42 boats registered for the event. It attracts all levels of spearos and is a fantastic social event, plus you get the opportunity to dive against some of the hottest names in Australian spearfishing, past present and future. 

This year the Barracudas started organising the event in February as we have done in previous years. It is a long road to Eden, both literally and figuratively. The preparation needs to be on target to make sure it all comes together and nothing critical is forgotten or left behind.

….Now we are seven days away from the event and the forecast is in and it's not great.  I field many phone calls but it's still seven days away so I just keep them optimistic. I spot a possible lull in the weather and it is supposed to occur on Sunday, comp day. We keep our fingers crossed and yes we were lucky, the weather calmed down as predicted and the competition went full steam ahead. It's always the biggest challenge when organising an event so far from our home base, accommodation is booked up to 12 months ahead, venues are booked and deposits are paid so the weather report always causes some anxious moments in the lead up. Eden is one of those spots where the conditions are great one day and a shocker the next and it has happened in previous years and it has led to cancellations.

Eden 3 Way State titles is fairly unique as it is held in winter on the far south coast, at least 300km travel time for divers and is a one day competition. For those who are not yet initiated may well think,  "you guys are crazy, it has to be crap!" Well it actually is some of the best diving on the competition calendar. Eden is situated a long distance from any major population centres and this means the fish numbers aren't getting hit. Also this time of year we sometimes catch the tail end of the EAC, meaning clear water, (most of the time), a large fish population as you get a cross over from temperate species and cold water species. To top it all off, there is plenty of shallow water diving with kilometres of coastline to explore, with a water temperature between 12 - 18 degrees. Weather ranges from balmy sunny days to sleet and snow on the surrounding hills. Once you make the trip to Eden, I promise you will be hooked. I am, and so are many others, this is why we have such a great turn out of competitors each year on the June long week end.

In 2011 we had a lot of rainfall and the rivers were running mud so anywhere north was severely lacking in visibility and the majority of the field headed south. We fished the south side of the bay with some other divers because the north side was darker than my morning Mocconna coffee. I had the pleasure of having Pucko and his son Aaron in my boat. They were looking for a ride and I had space with Riley and his dad Bruce, the awesome boaty, (hey gotta suck up, good boaties are hard to find). After picking up a few species we headed south to spot X's. Even though the whole coastline is potential spot X, it's just great. The fish were a little harder to find this year due to the extreme weather we have been experiencing.

Six hours later we are back and checking out who got what and trying to find out where they got it. Into the weigh-in queue with the fish, get the boat out of the water, and then help with the weigh - in. This is where the weigh-in crews are at their best, bloody cold hands, hungry, tired, sore backs and wet feet, and in 2 hours all 104 competitors are weighed in.

It is then up to Ellis and his trusty lap top to get the scores loaded and calculated. 960 fish, 104 divers, 1500 hits of the keyboard and the results are done by 6:30pm. The presentation was well attended as always with 150+ joining us.

Jack Lavender was awarded the champion trophy after being so close in the last few years he could taste it. I didn't do very well this year, I'll just bask in the glory of my crew, with Pucko taking out veterans champion, Riley junior champion, and Aaron sub junior champion. As for me…well there's always next year.

After all the categories were awarded the anticipated prize raffle was drawn with Victorian Grand Master, John Dunn, winning the first draw. He selected the Bauchat Mundial Free Dive Watch donated by Adreno.


A huge thank you to all competitors, helpers and our great sponsors who make this competition a success.

See you at Eden in 2012

Joe, Club President







Revisit 2010

This years Eden competition was once again well supported by competitors, their families and sponsors. Thank you to all who helped make it a great event again in 2010. We again topped the 100 mark with 101 competitors signing on.

It was encouraging to see 19 rock hoppers compete, this is one category that is growing rapidly at the moment. This was the first major event to recognise the new category of Grand Master, (over 65years) of which we had 3 competitors with John Dunn of Victoria taking out the inaugural champion trophy.

With the weather and ocean settling down it was a pity that the fish didn't want to co operate and with only fair visiblity in many favourite spots, it was a reminder that major championships are meant to be challenging.

The competition itself ran smoothly and the weigh in was completed in good time allowing competitors to get ready for the presentation dinner held at the Eden Country Club. The room was full but all were happy to go into the draw for over $7 000 worth of prizes. All competitors and boaties present at the function recieved something to remember the day.

Top 10 - Overall

1st - Ian Puckeridge    SSD

2nd- Garth Byron        RWC

3rd - Paul Dorfstatter     SFD

4th- Paul Roso     SSD

5th - Murray Paterson    SFD

6th - Jack Lavender     SC

7th - Adam Benetti    IND

8th - Gunther Pfrengle   STG

9th - Ryan Schulter      SC

10th Peter Manolias     SS



Eden 3 Way State Championships has been held for the past 42 years and is a hotly contested 1 day event. In fact with over 100 competitors in 2009 and 2010, this is quite possibly the biggest event on the east coast. Held in Winter, at this great location, the event challenges not only the stamina, but also the skills and perserverence of the competitors.

2009 Results                            2008 Results

Open Places                               Open Places

1st Gunther Pfrengle                  1st     D.Fenney

2nd Jack Lavender                     2nd   A. Carey

3rd  Paul Roso                           3rd    J. Lavender

4th  Drew Fenney                       4th    W. Carter

5th  Ryan Schulter                      5th    G. Byron

6th  Ben Johnson                        6th    R. Torelli

7th  Shane Brandtman                7th    M. Viscardi

8th  Ian Puckeridge                      8th    S. Elias

9th  Murray Peteson                   9th      M. Peterson

10th Emanual Bova                     10th    G. Pfrengle